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FAQ for Troop 889 Historian Position PDF Print
FAQ for Troop 889 Historian Position
by Ross McNulty 10/8/08

Note:  Troop 889 Historian guidelines have information needed to do your position, these are just my own helpful hints.
1)  What do I do for a campout and other troop events ?
You write-up a short ½ to one page summary of the campout.  You can include things like the dates, number of people who went, and what happened there and what everyone did.   Include pictures if you have them.
2)  What do I do if I didn't go to the campout or event ?  
Ask around to see who did and try to get info listed above.

3)  What do I do at the weekly meeting?  
At a minimum you set up your historian boards on a table.  There are other things that can be done if you have a spot on the schedule.
4)  What things go on the historian boards?  
You put on writeups of troop activities and photos (if you have them) of the event. More than one way to convey this to troop.
5)  Do I have to do write ups and pictures of things besides campouts?  
Yes, you do write-ups and take pictures of troop events too (Closet Cleanout, Troop-involved service projects, Troop pool party, etc.)
6)  Do I have to get someone to approve my stuff before I show it?
I usually did.  This would apply to write ups and slide show.  I usually emailed the write ups to an asst scoutmaster that attended the event.
7)  Do I do anything for the COH?
Yes, you usually would make a slideshow of the various campouts and events the troop has been on.  You can use your own photos and ones other people gave you.  
8) How do I make sure I have a spot on the COH schedule?
You would tell the adult that is leading the COH that you have a __ many minute slideshow that you want to show.
9) What equipment do I need to do a slide show at the church and how to I get it?  
You would need the projector, projector screen, and the audio equipment. You ask the Church Charter Rep. for the troop.
10)  Do I put anything on the troop website?
 As of right now the only historian things that are on the website are write-ups of troop activities. To get write ups on the websites you email the troop web assistant.
11)  Is there a place on the web to see what other troop historians do?  
Troop 889’s website has a brief historian description. You can search other troop sites to see what they do.  Or ask your Troop Historian Adviser.
12)  What kind of things would I be doing via email?  
Get approval of write-ups, get photos from people that attended  event, reserve COH equipment from church, email write-up to web assistant as attachment, email troop when each new historian write-up hits the website.
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