San Marcos River Canoe Trip (Oct '09) Print
San Marcos 1The San Marcos River Canoeing trip was an overall blast, with 8 adults and 18 scouts showing up.

Everyone arrived Friday night, got camp set up, had a quick dinner, and then headed off for a good night’s rest.

Canoeing on Saturday was great fun, it was a pretty easy ride at the beginning, there wasn’t much portaging, but towards the end was where the real action began. It was the moment all were waiting for… rapids. Luckily there were no injuries during this, although some canoes did tip over, lucky for the canoers their personal items were in plastic bags. During the canoeing, there was a sheer downpour of rain, but that didn’t really matter too much, you might as well get wet when you’re going across a river, right? San Marcos 2

There was still an overcast that night, and some sporadic downpours, but to boost the morale of all the scouters, there was a great campfire! At this campfire there were many skits and songs performed, and how could anyone not enjoy that?

Late Saturday night there were some problems with tent flooding, so some scouts had come up with a way to sleep dry. To add to the tentless scouts’ troubles, they were operating on little to no sleep, so how they managed to dry out their tent and catch some z’s I’ll never know.

Sunday morning everyone was woken up to their favorite tasks of packing up. The leadership was fantastic so this was a smooth process, and before all left there was a camp-provided Scouts Own Service.