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Matagorda Bay Campout (Sep '09) PDF Print

This was the first beach campout in a long time, if ever, for Troop 889. There were 20 scouts and 9 adults that went. Despite predicted bad weather, the troop still followed on their plans, and left Friday at around 6:30 pm for the 3 hour drive.

Matagorda Bay Boogie Boarding

Upon arriving, the campground was dark and misty, so camp needed to be set up quickly, in case the weather took a turn for the worse… which it did. As tents were being set up, the mist progressed into a light rain, then got worse and worse. Soon after camp was all set up, the rain stopped, which was fantastic, although some tents got wet in the rainstorm, so they had to be dried out. Matagorda Bay Sunset
Mosquitoes were huge pests during the whole campout, but other than that and the weather at the beginning, it worked out great. The Oceanography merit badge was done Saturday morning, and in the afternoon the older scouts got to go have a blast kayaking, and the 1st years got to practice their lashings. During the day, the scouts also got to go swimming in the ocean and have some fun boogie boarding.

Saturday night there was a “campfire”, where skits were performed, but there was no actual fire.

Sunday morning Graham led a very good Scouts Own service, and after that, camp was taking down quickly and effectively.

Overall the campout was lots of fun, and the leadership was great.

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