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All About Service Stars PDF Print

Have you ever wondered (or do you know) about Service Stars that some boys wear on their uniforms?

Service stars may be worn by all youth and adult members who have at least one year of tenure with the Boy Scouts of America. The stars are worn with the appropriate color background for the phase of Scouting in which the service was rendered. If an individual's primary registration is in one phase of Scouting and later in another, separate stars with the appropriate background and numerals may be worn simultaneously. Or, leaders may combine youth and adult tenure into one or two stars with blue background.

If a medal or embroidered knot is worn, service stars are worn 3/8 inch above the medal or knot.
  • Gold backs for Stars, No. 00063, youth Cub Scouting service (Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts), above left pocket.
  • Green backs for Stars, No. 00066, youth Boy Scout service, above left pocket.
  • Brown backs for Stars, No. 00067, youth Varsity Scout service, above left pocket.
  • Red backs for Stars, No. 00065, youth Venturing service, above left pocket.
  • Blue backs for Stars, No. 00064, adult Scouter service, above left pocket.
  • 1-year service star, No. 00071, all members, above left pocket.
  • 2-year service star, No. 00072, all members, above left pocket.
  • 3-year service star, No. 00073, all members, above left pocket.
  • 4-year service star, No. 00074, all members, above left pocket.
  • 5-year service star, No. 00075, all members, above left pocket.
  • 6-year service star, No. 00076, Boy Scout, Venturer, or Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 7-year service star, No. 00077, Boy Scout, Venturer, or Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 8-year service star, No. 00078, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 9-year service star, No. 00079, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 10-year service star, No. 00080, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 20-year service star, No. 00068, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 30-year service star, No. 00069, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 40-year service star, No. 00070, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 50-year service star, No. 00081, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 60-year service star, No. 00082, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 70-year service star, No. 00083, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 75-year service star, No. 01182, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 80-year service star, No. 01183, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 85-year service star, No. 01184, Scouter, above left pocket.
  • 90-year service star, No. 01185, Scouter, above left pocket.

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