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There’s more to being a Boy Scout than tying knots and wearing a uniform. It is having opportunities to grow in leadership and do things you might never before have even tried....rock climbing, air-boating, sailing, canoeing, zip lining, hiking, to name a few. To learn skills of survival, first aid and problem solving that will influence all areas of your life.

The Ultimate Goal

High Adventure is Scouting’s ultimate goal. It is the place where you put to use all the skills you learn during rank advancement and merit badge training. Scouts learn skills as they progress in rank...from Tenderfoot to Second and First Class, then Star, Life and Eagle. These skills are not just steps to the next rank...they are skills that can be put to use in the high adventure arena. First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Camping and Climbing Merit Badges are fun to get, but high adventure campouts are an opportunity to hone these skills...and even discover new lifelong pursuits like rock climbing and kayaking. Sure you can learn to tie a figure-of-eight follow through knot...but when you go rock climbing this knot is your life line. You can learn first aid for a merit badge, but in high adventure you need these skills to keep your team safe and help in times of need. Putting the things you learn to use makes learning fun....and builds your self-confidence in all areas of your life.

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Troop 889's High Adventure History*:

2018: Northern Tier & Philmont Scout Ranch

2017: Philmont Scout Ranch & Florida Sea Base

2016:Northern Tier

2015: Camp Orr

2014: Philmont Scout Ranch

2013: Florida Sea Base; Philmont Scout Ranch; Summit Bechtel Reserve

2012: El Rancho CIMA Rough Riders High Adventure Camp

2011: Northern Tier; Philmont Scout Ranch

2010: Florida Sea Base; Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch High Adventure

2009: Philmont Scout Ranch

2007: Philmont Scout Ranch

2005: Ozark Mountain Backpacking

2004: Philmont

2003: Elkhorn High Adventure Base

2002: Northern Tier

* These listed are our major HA campouts.  In addition to these, we generally have at least one "local" HA themed campout per year, such as climbing at Enchanted Rock.  The summer camps we attend always offer an HA option for older scouts and we encourage them to attend if they are not going on one of the major HA campouts that summer.