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The Advancement Sign-off Guidelines clearly outlines who is responsible for advancement sign-offs in the troop.
This form allows the Scout to compile his advancement information into one concise document to make it easier for the Scoutmasters and Board of Review members to review his information.
Guidelines to help committee members & parents provide a meaningful Board of Review for our Scouts.
The training required to be certified by the BSA as officially trained for a specific position.
The newest BSA Medical form. (Linked direct to BSA's web site.)
BSA program sheet to help SPLs and other troop leaders plan and execute an effective campfire program.
This is the campfire planner for troop campouts
This form is the official recording document that Den Chiefs must have signed to track their tenure as a Den Chief.
file icon Dimorahot! Hits: 4803

Camp Dimora, A Unique, Primitive Campsite, Right in Our Backyard!

file icon Expense Formhot! Hits: 4963
Parents should use this form to submit all pre-approved expenses for reimbursements. Note: Any expense not pre-approved is considered a "donation" to the troop.

Inventory of merit badge pamphlets.
This map shows you how to get to the Scout Shop closest to Troop 889 at Camp Strake in Conroe. The Camp Strake entrance on I-45 is the proper entrance to get to the Scout Shop.
Inventory & interest sheet for Merit Badge Counselors. This form should accompany the "BSA Adult Leader Application" when turning in to the Troop Advancement Chair.
National Geographic has built an easy to use web interface that allows anyone to quickly find any quad in the country for downloading and printing.
National Geographic has built an easy to use web interface that allows anyone to quickly find any quad in the country for downloading and printing.
Use this form to track your patrol's progress for the National Honor Patrol.
A group of documents, forms and a checklist for Our New Scouts and Families to make sure you get all the necessary paperwork completed so the fun can begin!
Duty roster for each Patrol to organize Patrol members' duties for campouts.
This form is handy for planning some details of a campout including the tent / buddy arrangements.
This form helps the Scouts plan their camping meals and organize their shopping list.

Troop 889 Information Packet for Prospective Scouts
A series of questions developed to help families looking at joining a Boy Scout Troop.
Record and submit your participation in service hours with this form.
Check list for Service Scoutmasters to assist with troop outings.
All the forms and basic info to get started with Troop 889 so the fun can begin!

In Troop 889, the Scout has the responsibility to initiate contact with a Scoutmaster to arrange for a Scoutmaster Conference (SMC).  This document provides the names of Scoutmasters who can conduct Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle and Eagle Palm Scoutmaster Conferences.

Are you a new family Scout joining the Troop?  Are you an existing Scout with Troop 889 and some of you or your parents important contact information has changed?  Complete this form and turn it in to the appropriate individual so we can keep your information up to date!
These days there is no getting around that electronic devices are going to find their way into Troop Meetings and Camping Trips.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Here is Troop 889's policy on what types are appropriate and under what circumstances they can be used.

PowerPoint presentation to new parents on the Scouting program, how Troop 889 runs, volunteerism, etc.

Hey Scouts!  You're responsible for packing your personal equipment, not your Mom or Dad.  Always pack lightly and only bring the essentials. Everything should be marked with the Scout’s name and "Troop 889." All the gear, except for the sleeping bag and camp chair, should fit into a medium-size duffel bag. If it doesn’t fit, you've packed too much stuff!

Detailed information on how Troop 889 is run.
The basic info on a Scoutmaster Conference (SMC), when a Scout can request an SMC, and who is qualified to conduct one.

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